Sami Salih Bin-Matar est. is sponsored by a vast number of well-known International/National Companies. Our suppliers are well trusted Companies throughout the Kingdom and Eastern Province known for their quality, prices, and Honesty. 


Our Suppliers 

  • Petromin Oil/Grease Lubricant Corporation petromin-350845

    The Leading Oil Marketing Company in Saudi Arabia



  • Gulf Oil/Grease Lubricant Products 130px-Gulf_logo.svg




  • Stanley Tools Stanley-Logo

       One of the most innovative and useful hand tools ever made.



  • Max power Hardware Corporation logo (1)

      Quality, effectiveness, and Power (Sole Agent)



  • DeWALT Power Tools dewalt_logo_0624_g_01-qm-$cq_width_160$

      Guaranteed Tough




  • Makita Power Tools download

      Well-known wide variety of Power tools.




  • AEG Power Solutions

      Founded in Germany a century ago on a perfection philosophy.




  • HEBA Fire and Safety Company 50300_20101208121639

       A market leader in supplying and installing fire and safety equipment and security systems.